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China electric hot compress hot water bottle bag

Electric Hot Water Bottle Cover

China electric hot compress hot water bottle bag

Categories: Hot water bottle + Body Strap

Brand: Cvvtch


This electric hot water bag with belt is best friend for period pain.

No more messing with boiling water.

Saves on energy bill.

Excellent pain relief.

Pressure tested to 100 kg, no risk of leakage.

Wrapped in silicone, with water and electricity separate.


Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Custom logo,name,and pattern

Custom color,shape,and cover

Shipped all over the world

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    Customizable color
    You can custom any color options to suit your preferences.
    Customizable Elements
    You can add your company logo, name,and pattern. we generally be done through embroidery methods.
    Customizable Shape
    You can custom any shape to suit your preferences.
    Customizable Cover
    You can custom any fabric you like.
    You can custom any style of belt and cover.



    20000+ Floorspace,10 Production Lines
    Cvvtch has sufficient production capacity and can produce 4,500 electric hot water bottles every day, ensuring that every order can be delivered on time.



    Multiple international certificates
    Our factory strictly produces electric hot water bottles that comply with various national standards and currently has CE, CB, KC, PSE,and RoHS certification.


    Actively participate in exhibitions

    We actively participate in every large-scale industry-related exhibition and have reached cooperation with multiple exhibition customers.


    Standardized production process
    The main processes have relevant operation instruction manuals, and on-site personnel operate by the standards


    Big sales, all over the world
    We often export large quantities of orders to different countries. Our hot water bottles are very popular in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France and many other countries.