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Cvvtch Manufacturer Custom Electric Hot water Bottle Bag For Winter

Electric Hot Water Bottle

Cvvtch Manufacturer Custom Electric Hot water Bottle Bag For Winter

Categories: Hot water bottle

Brand: Cvvtch

Heating time: 5-12min

Heat lasts time: 2-5h

Rated voltage: 220V

Supply power: 360W

Product size: 260*185*145mm

Color: Pink/Brown/Custom

Material: PVC or custom

Applications: Relieve pain and warm hand


Terms of Payment: T/T, LC

Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Patented Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

16 Years of OEM & ODM Support Experience

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    Electric Hot Water Bottle Function

    • This electric hot water bottle can solve cold problems and relieve pain in various parts of the body.
    • People only need to connect the electric hot water bottle to the power supply, and the electric hot water bottle will automatically heat and power off.
    • It only takes about 5-12 minutes, and people no longer need a kettle and a microwave.


    Electric Hot Water Bottle Detail View


    6-layer high quality PVC

    • Can provide better thermal insulation effect, extend the heat preservation time, and keep hot water hot for a longer time.
    • More stronger and more durable, with a longer service life.
    N2-8 (2)31h

    Patented silicone insulated heating wire

    • Technology that cannot be copied.
    • Good insulation properties and can effectively prevent safety issues such as current leakage and short circuit. 
    • No bubbling sound while the bottle is being charged.

    Optional Hot Water Bottle Covers

    A hot water bottle cover can effectively reduce the risk of skin scalding by slowing down the transfer of heat from the hot water bottle, as direct contact with the higher temperature of the bottle can cause burns.


    How To Use the Electric Hot Water Bottle?

    No more kettles and microwaves, soothe pain in three simple steps:
    1. Place on a flat surface. 
    2. Plug in the adaptor and plug to power for 5-12 minutes.
    3. Enjoy and relief pain.

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    Look for high-quality electric hot water bottles, Cvvtch brand electric hot water bottles are recommended!
    1. Patented silicone insulated heating wire structure, a technology that cannot be copied.
    2. High-quality PVC material, environmentally friendly, safe and warmer.
    3.15 years of hot water bottle production experience, better understanding of your needs.
    4. Complete certificates, no need to worry about quality issues.
    5. The light and luxurious appearance design is in line with the high-end sense pursued by modern people.

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