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Supplier Mini Silicone Warm Hot Water Bottle With Knitted Cover

Categories: Hot water bottle

Brand: Cvvtch

Heating time: 5-12min

Heat lasts time: 2-5h

Material: Silicone


Power: 360W

Size: 215x145x45mm

Applications: Relieve pain and warm up


Terms of Payment: T/T, LC

Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Patented Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

16 Years of OEM & ODM Support Experience


    • The surface of this electric hot water bottle is made of 2mm thick silicone, which can lock in temperature for a long time.

    • Comes with a lovely soft knitted cover. It can be used with a silicone hot water bottle to provide a certain degree of heat insulation, reduce direct contact with the skin, and reduce the risk of burns.

    • Knitted fabric cover is removable and washable to keep silicone hot water bottle clean.

    Electric Hot Water Bottle Detail View


    Environmentally friendly high-quality PVC

    • PVC material has high heat resistance and pressure resistance and can safely withstand high temperature and pressure.

    • Can effectively block heat loss and maintain the temperature of the hot water bottle.

    Silicone insulated heating wire

    • Silicone material has good insulation properties and can effectively isolate the heating wire from contact with the external environment, preventing electric hot water bottles from causing leakage or electric shock.

    • Able to achieve uniform heat distribution, allowing heat to be evenly transferred to the entire surface of the water bag.

    How To Use the electric hot water bottle?


    Easy to use: no need to boil, microwave or add water

    1. Please put the bag flat and make sure the charging port is facing up when charging.

    2. Connect to the charging port first and then plug in the power supply.

    3. Just wait 5-12 minutes for heating to complete. Put it into a knitted cloth cover to make the user more comfortable.
    An electric hot water bottle is a portable heating device that can be used to provide warmth and comfort. It has many functions: 

    Pain relief: Electric hot water bottles can relieve muscle pain, joint pain, menstrual cramps and other discomforts by providing warmth. Hot compress can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce pain. 

    Warmth: In winter or cold environments, electric hot water bottles can provide warmth and help keep the body warm. This is particularly important for people who are sensitive to temperature, such as the elderly, infants, and patients. 

    Relaxation: With warm heat, an electric hot water bottle can help relax the mind and body and relieve stress and anxiety. Using an electric hot water bottle before bed can also promote sleep.

    Used for applying hot compresses: Electric hot water bottles can be used for applying warm compresses to treat some muscle or joint injuries, such as sprains, strains, contusions, etc. Hot compresses can promote blood circulation and recovery and speed up wound healing.