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Electric Hot Water Bottle Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Categories: Hot water bottle

Brand: Cvvtch

Heating time: 5-12min

Heat lasts time: 3-8h

Rated voltage: 220V

Supply power: 360W

Product size: 255*185*45mm

Color: Pink/Gray/Blue/Custom

Material: flannel or custom

Applications: Relieve pain and warm hand


Terms of Payment: T/T, LC

Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Patented Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

16 Years of OEM & ODM Support Experience

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    Product information

    When faced with various types of pain and discomfort, we all want to find a simple and effective way to relieve pain. Electric hot water bottles are the best choice for you. Not only does it provide long-lasting warmth, it also soothes muscle pain, relieves menstrual cramps and soothes our bodies and minds through heat therapy.

    Pre-Filled & Sealed

    The Cvvtch hot water bottle comes pre-filled with about 1.2L of 100% water, so there is no need for you to fill it with water when you use it.


    • The Cvvtch hot water bottle has been clinically tested and certified to European standards and global standards
    • Our hot water bag adopts an integrated high-frequency hot-press sealing technology that has a static pressure resistance of up to 80kg. The outer material's tear resistance surpasses 12.5N with no indications of any leakage.
    • 6-layer high-density PVC material with good fire resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance and electrical insulation properties.
    • Silicone insulated heating wire
    • 6551eb5tkv

    Fast heating

    All you need to do is connect the charger and wait for approximately 5 to 12 minutes for the hot water bottle to reach the desired temperature, the red light goes out to indicate that charging is complete and the power will be automatically cut off.

    Fast heating

    Charge Time  5~12 Minutes Heat Retention 3~8 Hours
    Max Internal Temperature  70°C Liquid 1.2L of 100% water
    Dimensions 255x185x45mm Weight 1240~1270g
    Power Plug Custom Rated voltage 220V

    Optional Hot Water Bottle Covers

    Our hot water bottles come with three basic hot water bottle cover styles to suit your various needs, each kind of cover supports OEM and ODM services, including custom style, fabric, text,color, and packaging box.


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    We have 15 years of rich experience in producing electric hot water bottles and are committed to providing high-quality products. Our team has carefully developed and rigorously tested to ensure that our electric hot water bottles have excellent performance and reliable safety. Our products are made from high-quality materials for durability and equipped with advanced heating technology to provide warmth quickly and long-lasting. We always focus on meeting our customers' needs, and in order to ensure customer satisfaction, we actively listen to customer feedback and continuously improve our products. Whether for home use or commercial use, our electric hot water bottles will provide you with a safe, warm and comfortable experience.

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