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Q: I want to get samples.What can I do?

A:We are more than happy to provide you with free samples for testing. But please note that shipping costs will be borne by you. After receiving the formal order, we will refund the shipping cost to you.

Q: What customization services do you offer?

A: We cancustomize the logo, covers, plugs, colors, packaging, etc.

Q: What certificates are there?

A: We have50+ patent certificates and multiple international certifications, such as KC, CE, CB, and ROHS certificates.

Q: What's the MOQ?

A: In order to better meet your needs, we have set the minimum order quantity to 1000 pcs. This decision has the following advantages:
Price advantage: Bulk purchasing can lead to cost reduction, allowing us to provide you with more favorable prices and ensure that you get great value for your money.
Customized service: A minimum order quantity of 1000 units gives us more flexibility to provide you with personalized and customized services to meet your specific requirements.We hope that this adjustment will better meet your purchasing needs, and we look forward to being your long-term partner. 

Q: Do the hot water bottle need replace the water?

A: No, the water injection process has been completed, this bottle is convenient, never need to manually fill the water, just charge a few minutes can lasting heat.

Q: How does the hot water bottle work?

A: Simply plug in the charger and allow 8~12 minutes for the bottle to heat up (depending on your environment temperature). The red indicator light on the charger will switch off once ready.
Now you're ready to remove the charger and enjoy 2~8 hours of warmth (depending on your environment temperature).

Q: Who can use the hot water bottle?

A:Menstrual pain: A hot water bottle can provide a warm and comfortable feeling to relieve pain and discomfort during menstruation.
Muscle Soreness: A hot water bottle can soothe sore muscles by providing therapeutic warmth and promote muscle relaxation and recovery.
Back Pain: The warming effect of a hot water bottle can soothe tension and pain in your back muscles, providing comfort and relief. 
Poor blood circulation: The warmth of a hot water bottle can promote blood circulation, accelerate blood flow, and effectively reduce the discomfort caused by poor blood circulation. 
Seniors: Seniors are often more susceptible to feeling cold, and the warmth provided by a hot water bottle can maintain body temperature and relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness. 
Need to warm up: Whether in winter or during outdoor activities, hot water bottles can provide people with comfortable warmth and help maintain the appropriate temperature of the body. 
Seek relaxation: The warmth and comfort of a hot water bottle can help people relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and bring physical and mental comfort.
A:The bottle has an intelligent thermostat that automatically cuts off the power when heated to an internal temperature of 70° Celsius.

Q:How long does the heating last once I charge the bottle?

A:The ailia bottle will emit 2-8 hours of heat (depending on your environment temperature).
Once the bottle has cooled down to the optimal charging temperature, simply plug the charger back on and in 8-12 minutes it'll be ready for another 2-8 hours of heat.