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Edon Chen

"I have experienced the harm caused by unsafe products and know that only safe and reliable products can build a lasting brand. As a founder, I keep the importance of safety and reliability in mind and have been working hard to build a brand of heat therapy products that users can trust."



One night, it rained heavily again. I prepared an electric hot water bottle for my mother and left the room to do my own thing. However, just a few minutes later I heard a loud bang followed by a burning smell that filled the room. My heart sank, and I was even worried that a terrible explosion had occurred in the house. When I rushed back to the room, I saw a horrific scene. The electric hot water bottle actually burst, leaving broken plastic and scattered wires on the floor.


From that moment on, I made up my mind to design and produce an absolutely safe and reliable hot water bottle to ensure everyone’s safety. This unexpected explosive experience ignited my inner passion and desire, and I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey. After countless experiments and tests, I designed a brand new electric hot water bottle. My hot water bottle uses advanced technology and strict quality control to ensure that it has no safety hazards and risk of bursting.


However, my vision goes beyond that. I want my brand to represent warmth and care and be the first choice when people think of hot water bottles. My original intention was to help my mother and all those who are suffering and in need of comfort, by providing them with warmth in their time of pain and making their bodies feel comfortable and relaxed. That's why I chose to design hot water bottles and have been committed to providing reliable, safe, and warm pain relief products.

Your Heating Therapy Expert

Edon has transformed the traditional hot water bottle into an eco-friendly pain relief device that combines the benefits of a hot water bottle and a heating pad. Our rechargeable and portable hot water bottle target and soothe pain in various parts of the body, making them ideal for use at home, the office, and outdoors.

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