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Hot water bottle wholesale suppliers

Electric Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottle wholesale suppliers

Don’t need replace water

Pre-filled with water, rechargeable and reusable.

Comfortable temperature

It's not as hot as a hot water bottle filled with fully boiling water,but a very warm and comfortable temperature.

Relieve period pain and low back pain

Paired with a hot water bottle waist belt, can enjoy the warmth very well.

OEM & ODM service

Exported to all over the country

    If you suffer with lower back pain、period pain and were sick of wheat cushions only lasting about 15 mins before losing their heat. This ingenious product stays warm for hours!

    This electric hot water bag takes about 10 mins to fully heat and then it lasts ages.

    Don’t worry it wouldn’t be hot enough!Its not quite as hot as a hot water bottle with fully boiling water in it (not that you're supposed to use water that hot in them anyway!) but its not far off! 

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