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Factory Plush Heating Pad Hot Water Bottle Hand Pocket Warmer

Categories: Hot water bottle

Brand: Cvvtch

Heating time: 5-12min

Heat lasts time: 2-5h

Material: Flannel

Applications: Relieve pain and warm up


Terms of Payment: T/T, LC

Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Patented Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

16 Years of OEM & ODM Support Experience


    • This is an electric hot water bottle with a hand pocket design. You can put your hands directly into the pocket and feel the heat intimately.

    • Use the charger to heat and it only takes 5-12 minutes to complete. And when heated to about 70℃, the power will automatically cut off.

    • Cvvtch electric hot water bottle is a water heating device that can keep warm, relieve pain and relax muscles.

    Electric Hot Water Bottle Detail View


    High quality thickened PVC

    • The heating pad is made of 6 layers of thickened environmentally friendly PVC, which is explosion-proof, high temperature resistant, non-toxic and odorless.

    • Passed the 80 kg pressure test, with excellent sealing and no water leakage, confidence to use.

    Silicone insulated heating wire

    • The surface is made of double layer silicone.

    • True separation of water and electricity.

    • Very quiet when heating.

    How To Use the Hand Warmer?


    Easy to use: no need to boil, microwave or add water

    • Place it horizontally and open the lid
    • Plug in the explosion-proof charger, turn on the power, and heating will be completed in 5-12 minutes
    • Use it to help soothe cold hands, relax sore muscles, and to help ease any kind of hand pain

    Various colors for your choice, or OEM

    Hot water bottle is a common home health care product. Their main function is to provide a sense of warmth and produce a heat therapy effect on the body. The following are the main functions of hot water bottles:

    1. Provide warmth: This is an electric hot water bottle with a hands-insert design. Insert your hands into your pockets to better feel the warmth and relieve cold and stiff hands.

    2. Relieve muscle pain: Hot water bottles can relieve muscle pain by providing heat, promoting blood circulation, and accelerating body metabolism. It can be used to relieve discomfort after muscle spasms, sprains or strains.

    3. Relieve arthritis pain: By providing heat, hot water bottles can promote blood circulation around joints and reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis patients. It can be used to reduce joint pain, stiffness, and joint swelling.

    4. Relieve menstrual dysmenorrhea: Hot water bottles are often used to relieve women's menstrual dysmenorrhea. Thermal physical therapy can relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea by relaxing the uterine muscles, promoting blood circulation.