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Cvvtch Flannel Electric Rechargeable Hot water Bottle Bag For Women

Categories: Hot water bottle

Brand: Cvvtch

Heating time: 5-12min

Heat lasts time: 3-8h

Rated voltage: 220V

Supply power: 360W

Product size: 255*185*45mm

Color: Pink/Gray/Blue/Custom

Material: flannel or custom

Applications: Relieve pain and warm hand


Terms of Payment: T/T, LC

Certificate: CE, CB, KC, RoHS

Patented Silicone Insulated Heating Wire

16 Years of OEM & ODM Support Experience

    Description of Our Electric Hot Water Bottle

    Rechargeable electric hot water bottle

    Just slide the charging cover to the side, connect the charging base, plug it in and it starts working. In just 5-12 minutes, the temperature will rise to 70-75°C, perfect for your bed heating needs on cold winter nights. Even after this time, it continues to retain heat for up to 8 hours. Let this next generation rechargeable electric hot water bottle provide you with cozy warmth in bed this winter! It’s hassle-free, safe and as easy as charging your phone!

    Stop using the hot water kettle and microwave and get warmth in three simple steps:


    • 1.Set it down on a flat area.
    • 2.Connect the adapter and plug it into the power socket.
    • 3. Smart power off, removing the charger and enjoy the warmth. 

    Warm hand and relieves body pain

    On cold winter nights, you definitely need a good helper what can keep warm. This rechargeable electric hot water bottle not only provides you with warmth, but also as a heating pad to relieve pain like back pain and period pain.

    • No need to fill water
    • Not leak water
    • Flannel fabric, soft and comfortable
    • Optional hot water bottle cover to meet various needs

    Perfect gift


    If you want to choose a warm and loving gift for your parents, children and loved ones, our electric hot water bottle is your best choice.

    • Custom text
    • Exquisite appearance
    • Optional hot water bottle set
    • Lasting warm

    Safe electric hot water bottle


    6-layer high quality PVC 

    • Extend the warm holding time
    • With a capability to hold weights exceeding 80 kg
    • Harmless to health and the environment

    Silicone insulated heating wire

    • Water and electricity are separated 
    • Heating is stable and fast
    • Not easy to bloat

    Optional Hot Water Bottle Covers

    Our hot water bottles come with three basic hot water bottle cover styles to suit your various needs, each kind of cover supports OEM and ODM services, including custom style, fabric, text,color, and packaging box.

    • Hand pocket
      Available in a variety of comfortable fabrics, perfect for those who need warm hands
    • Waist belt
      This is our most popular hot water bottle cover, adjustable belt diverse to body types and sizes, with hand pocket design, both warm your belly and warm your hands.
    • Foot warmer pouch
      Portable foot warmer bag, suitable for use when you feel cold while sitting or lying down.

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