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Multifunction heated and vibration eye mask with removable viewing panel

Heated Eye Mask

Multifunction heated and vibration eye mask with removable viewing panel

Heating Technology: Graphene heating

Function: Hot compress, Cold compress, Vibration, and sleep mask

Effect: Reduce Eye Fatigue, Dry Eyes, Improve Sleep

Battery capacity: 850mA


Removable viewing panel

Freezable Gel pack

Adjustable Headband

Hand washable

Removable Battery /Control unit


    Introducing our game-changing new graphene heated eye mask the ultimate solution to combat eye strain, fatigue, and swelling! This heated and vibration eye mask has been meticulously crafted to provide you with unparalleled comfort and extensive therapeutic benefits. The incredibly handy removable viewing panel allows you to indulge in your favorite activities while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the mask-a truly exceptional purchase that elevates self-care to extraordinary levels.

    Heat and Vibration Eye Masklek

    Removable magnetic viewing panel
    Features a removable, magnetic light-blocking panel, which allows users to continue working or taking care of daily needs while still being able to see. Just magnetically attach the panel to block out any light when it’s time to kick back and rest.

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    Insert the freezable gel pack for cold compression
    Comes equipped with a freezable gel pack for cold therapy that you can insert when you need it. whether you are dealing with eye fatigue from working on the computer all day swollen eyes from allergies or lack of sleep, our mask is the smart choice. 

    Eliminate painful eye strain and fatigue
    Equipped with an advanced graphite heating material that conducts heat and electricity around the eye socket, ensuring that your eyes remain safe from direct heat and reducing the risk of cataracts.

    best warm compress for dry eyes6ea

    Vibewave technology

    A built-in micro generates continuous waves around the eyes, with a vibration frequency of up to 7000 per minute. This drastically reduces eye pressure.

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    Easily hand washable

    The wireless battery/control unit is easily removable due to the magnet, allowing for effortless hand washing, just remove the unit and you are ready to start cleaning. Once it’s dry, it’s ready to use again!

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