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Best custom hot water bottle manufacturer in China


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Best custom hot water bottle manufacturer in China

2024-06-11 09:21:02

Cvvtch hot water bottle manufacturer have rich experience in custom electric hot water bottles for global customers. At cvvtch, you can custom bottle’ charger, hot water bottle covers, bottle material, and any other ideas you want to custom, inquiry now to select your custom options!

As you can see, there are 5 chargers for your reference, if you have a request for a custom charger, please check the chart carefully to find the difference in functions, any other functions you want to get, please feel free to send us an inquiry directly, we are happy to achieve your creative design! If you have no request for a charger, we recommend you select F18, this is our most popular hot water bottle charger, and it can meet enough daily needs.

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Custom hot water bottle with covers is the most popular custom option at cvvtch, we often receive some inquiries that ask for ‘Can custom this?’ and attach a picture, of another brand’s hot water bottle cover, or his drawing. As the below, we have 3 basic hot water bottle covers for you to select, you can add any elements to it, even change the shape. most people are looking for the belt we have, this is a very hot sell! If you are also looking for this, don’t hesitate to send an inquiry and bulk-buy hot water bottles with a belt for your brand!

electric hot water bottle customo44

custom hot water bottle material is the key to reflecting different textures, our different materials with different features, so you can choose what you like. The material hasn’t been shown in the picture we can also customize it. I need to tell you that flannel is the fabric most customers choose. Using this fabric will make the hot water bottle look very high-end and soft, and it will be more comfortable. You don’t even need to use a cover to put it directly close to the skin, and it can keep the heat for a longer time.

hot water bottle customnhg

In addition to the above customization, we can also customize colors, add logos, customize packaging, customize shapes, customize plugs, etc. So, if you are looking for a manufacturer who can realize your custom electric hot water bottle idea, please send us an inquiry!

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Website: www.cvvtch.com
Email: denise@edonlive.com
WhatsApp: 13790083059